|l \/ l| Self-destruction, no thanks! |l \/ l|

E N O U G H!
It comes at a price but now ‘out’ with the things we don’t like!
Here we go!

Pity. Adriano yelled, a desperate Romanian directly out of Bucharest.
The force of his soul was at this tight point– as if his heart were going in the just and deserved direction.
The time I did small jobs like bouncing at a nightclub called The Cobra, Florence, Italy):
everything ended in a minute, because as you know, no one can stop fate when then it does also a lot for us… :-/
“ah, if you know what a f***ing life, I don’t wish it upon anyone to swap with me. As we were drinking a beer at the Cobra, just a name but lots of sketchy people and of course not those which you’d see at noon, walking calmly on the streets … ! ”
These words flatter me and at the same time, if we were at The Cobra and I had to protect the people from eventual brutal attacks, etc… These words left a bitter taste in my mouth,
the fact, friends, is that working in a public place, especially if it deals with security services, it’s a trade I certainly don’t recommend highly. Do you want to be a barman? A hostess? Same deal: after a short time, you will see that you can’t escape the tense struggle, the disappointment, the lack of satisfaction despite your performance…
but as usual (luckily) there is a solution: it’s small, it’s tight and like all blind alleys that seem dark from afar, where there is actually at the end a way out that one can always at least create or invent.
I always said to my friend, “Enough with this poisonous f***ing alcohol, before you empty your wallet, you drink it down and then what have you concluded?”
He: “I can’t do less, but sooner or later I’ll quit, you’ll see…”
The only thing I saw at the end was the medical report from his doctor: a scribble or something of the type :-)
To have bars and to go to bars,
eh for some of you it will be a belief, almost a law: “What do I care if I leave with my head in my hands like Uncle Fester!”
Jokes aside, the deed is certainly more anticipation of the predicted : slaughters of Saturday evening, innocent people (very often children) disguised as drunks who don’t even realize what grave damages they caused on the fly, girls who are victims of violence post-nightlife: but, these places, or in other words: big slaughterhouses (!)
(!) are in waiting of an eminent change of wind Stay tuned and enjoy life :-) (!)

The opinion of evergreen beast:

Yes, even I am almost green with anger, and I’m here to testify to Hulken for friends, then F.S.B., so as to all of you, that the local (and I speak of those nocturnal) that in fact give an effect a little, as it were, collateral not only to the portfolio, but also to the brain: I go out almost always bad :
people that involves me in his personal problems, or that quart of wine too which makes me go a little more revved up than usual, the fact is that when I stay at home, I enjoy it more too!
and if I have to give you a sincere advice: you see, F-Save-fans or just its readers or even enemies,: P (I’m kidding, referring to Hulken)
well stay at home, preferably in front of a good game of basketball or women’s volleyball. Instead, for you lovers of sports more or less recent past, before a relaxing video of Olympics, because then it is always sport the thing that I recommend to those who ask me how you can relax, and above all practice, because it is there that you liberate the nerves from your (damn!) daily stress, certainly not drinking at a club or make up and downwards with the car (perhaps at the risk of accidents, and it tells one that after a serious already was enough and that is more advanced... :)
Ok, now I must leave you to these magnificent programs by F. Save B. as Hulken, to the next appointment, see you friends :)
by your big beast evergreen

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