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Psychology, like all things is a form of art, another way to live your best life, without future problems.

I, of good (well pretty good!) psychology, recommend to all of you a good book of the genre without naming or giving publicity anything to anyone :)

The interesting fact is that even the psychiatry and philosophy are out of psychology, how to say, none of these fields can do without the other, like a chain of Saint Antonio


To battle potential hidden/insistent psychiatric disorders, psychology is a very useful weapon to have - but with care and caution, like all things in the end.

Understand better the behavior and mentality of the person who interests you is more than useful, you need it to understand if they are the right person for you, if they are a friend, a girl who you more than like, that will last or not!


Evolving is a right but also a duty of everyone: he who doesn’t participate is either lazy or doesn’t want to contribute to the growth and improvement of this society. Because you will continue to see things negatively if you stay the way you are, if you improve, you will start seeing things in a more positive light.

If you are at peace with yourself, others will be too.
It’s mathematical.


To see all things deeply is – like usual – indispensable for a life more aware and rational. To not make errors is already an error in and of itself- with a profound knowledge in this field everything will be even more possible, with the resulting benefits that you will personally demonstrate!

unexpected error

As my friend Mark P says, vegetate in ambush in our Mediterranean ‘maquis shrubland’ (and obviously not only…) is already to expose itself when you are least expecting it. Like all beautiful things, that as a surprise you didn’t believe, would have happened sooner or later!
Love, in psychology, is much more complex and to not bore you too much, I’ll save it for a later post :)


Even who by education or by character is not generous and available towards others should reflect that the self-listing in the medium and long period returns against itself.

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