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The ear sends to the brain that obviously does not know (except sometimes very rare) how to give it up. This is where we get the love for music, a neverending love that we should all have. Checkback! Soon i will recommend the artists that at least in my impression and logic seem very reliable in addition to being well prepared, because given that if listened too too much, like all things, even music can change our mentality and behavior (naturally, without our awareness). Therefore it is always better to follow the best artists / bands, to live our lives to the fullest.

Many of my videos have discreet (catchy) musical backgrounds,
enjoy them then; -) ... here's an example :

Some of these who my employer hulke [n] as f.b. also likes, while the others are all favorites in addition to obviously those of a vast audience ( given the fact that they are artists from hit-parade, except from some older ones). Trust me... listen to them and remember that music doesn’t run out of battery, a bass and a guitar, but wants the best experience for the listener through its contents : they are artists thet want to communicate something more meaningful than artists played on the radio, in few words, these are deeper artists and even to some extend, i’d say more lived, therefore they perform from the heart to their audiences. As you can see there is a big difference between musical genres : pop, rock, metal, opera, folk, ‘80s, goth music, rap, the oldest, etc etc finally, we must love music in general because is the beauty of a song that makes us feel good, it’s not an issue of genre, although clearly, those classical music fans may feel like a fish out of water listening to an album by pantera (the proponents of world hard rock of '80s and' 90s). Well ! Meet again soon :)

Have a Nice Day !

Your Francesco Saverio Boni

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