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Here’s to you the story of two beautiful princesses turned into donkeys, but lets begin slowly before arriving to the tragic event : Medio – a beautiful girl with golden hair and a dreamy , mysterious aura was in contrast with Eva, her completely different sister, cute only to the jackass – the famous Siena's jackass.

medieval castle

It was the year 1049 in Siena, a magnificent city and one of the most important examples of Medieval Italy, when the General, knight ToccaFerro (TouchIron) began to look for militants to recruit for his army to then be sent in battle against neighboring cities. Medio was working as a disreputable woman at an inn in Siena. Even worse was Eva's fate , who cleaned the floors in the tavern of “Marti the King”. General ToccaFerro immediately recognized Medio's exaggerated beauty and claimed her at once as his suitor, while for Eva he found a job scooping horse poop. Imagine Eva's shock and Medio's exultation... Here began an uncensored duel in the main Siena's square that stained the waters with blood : no victor but a big show for those present, who could watch a very high level ‘match’. Meanwhile the San Barile war was about to break out and the two ladies were ready to leave. ToccaFerro sharply spurred the horses and, to give more energy to the horses, put some pepper in the horses' noses! (In this light we can see the general's wickedness - a man who had everything except a soul). The troops, at this point were already ready for the battle, launched themselves without fear towards the enemy : after the river was filled with blood the war ended with 384 deaths, 2743 wounded, 431 horses claimed by yet another useless war, and two women to admit into the mental hospital in nearby San Gimignano. Exactly like this : Medio and Eva were killed in the deep of the war. Their souls went to the ropes that not even the friends or acquaintances could recognize them upon their return to Maremma. At it was as follows, to forget everything as a last hope they could sell their soul to the devil. They died like this , with all indifference and malice; they were permanently transformed into donkeys – although of great merit and pleasantness. But certainly that’s not what they had dreamed of becoming.

Story written and created by D&X1969 (of Siena)!

A night like many others ,

a full moon blinding in that valley of the witches at myself , unknown location , most of the motive of this incredible fiction story .


Nothing would stop me from going any further, well this time I was ready to freeze time in favor of my volition to save my country from vampires invasion, who were pushing the boundaries of the Saint Claire castle. Thirsty incredibly fresh blood more than ever. They pawed like crazy, no longer support the exile on the mountain and now were ready to bleed all my people. I had created an anti-zombie team, but seemed void any attempt to stop the evil one and his subjects, more angry than ever. This is enough, I told to myself, or me or them, or our people, here someone will lose and it wont't be us. The vampire Gassen was ready, as a good zombie unearthed, to kill one of my allies, when suddenly I took my sledgehammer and tore an arm (rest assured, it is a dead man, no man will hurt at the end of the story) :) Gazzen that was precisely broke Gazzen :) had not the slightest desire to allow us to proceed with the conquest and eradication of the castle haunted by ghosts, demons and vampires, so I decided to expose our well-stocked arsenal of war ( quiet , it was reserved only for zombies and vampires ). A cannon shot, and fell well 10, in one fell swoop : the more was done, they had only another 3 to send in the dream world. Now on the verge of death, because it had not received blood, another zombie ( Slayer ), the head of his division monsters and associated was on the ground too. At this point we climbed the mountain of the Saint Claire castle and conquered after a time ( damn ) between slaps , punches and flamethrowers, the place, thus freeing the country from the evil's specter. Our land was so safe and sound, between poor people's joy who certainly would never deserved to collapse in front of the shadow of death.
( History obviously fantastic, conceived and written by myself ! )

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