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  • Now lets start with the strict , determinate rules for a more full and positive life .. :)
  • Here are a few things that you shouldn’t ever let go of , in any case ! : cleverness , always keep it "active"
  • Honor : other want it from you and of course you don’t want to disappoint them :)
  • he search resulting in finding your own self : an investment of time is necessary to live better and to be more mindful of all events .
  • Love : to dedicate only to those who really deserve it - NEVER joke with it . It’s like fire : it can burn !
  • The acquisition of your own liberty and justice .
  • Last on the list , but most importantly : the desire to live : indispensible , obviously , logic :)
  • I mean ... everything can change : fear of death or of an experience can hurt us (perhaps permanently) for who has a momentous problem can transform into a sense of joy and desire to live out every moment of our lives .
  • But the important thing is always the same : to fight and with all of our strength to overcome the stages of neglect and despair to sends us on its own time .

  • "In the grand scheme of things , he who doesn’t appreciate things is trapped in a closed tunnel ."
  • "Life / things are built brick by brick not wall by wall ."
  • "Better if like so : its enough to envy what’s next ... possible that the only people we could envy are the creators of this earth ... but there is no data to know him !"
  • "... it’s love that we want to destroy death ."

by Your Francesco Saverio Boni

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