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To evolve, it is logically, we must have this mentality: that of those who do not want and never willingly lose.In life for the winning evolver there are many ways to say enough to daily mistakes: to evolve it is already it is enough not to involve. One less error is already a profit in itself. Motivation, concentration, determination, consistency and passion they are, as it is obvious and desirable, the most important factors sincere for an assured and endless evolution problems.


This is how things are: it is the will is the strong point of the man who wants to evolve. On the contrary, weakness and uncertainty act as a springboard (into the void) for those who love self-destruction. I'll tell you, build situations of moderate passion every day is necessary to live "going up". Anger is also useful for pushing yourself to improve, as well as like the insults and the slander on your behalf will help you to react (with willpower and positive mentality) pushing yourself thus towards your goals original. Evolving is a right but also a duty for everyone: whoever doesn't do it, or is lazy or unwilling to contribute to growth and the improvement of this society. Why you see things as negative if you stay as you are, if you already improve they become (more) positive.

Children love kites: with dreams they fly beyond their needs.

Jealousy is the worst flaw because it destroys interpersonal relationships.

The reason for the enmities between acquaintances, relatives, powerful people of the earth is this: if one does not give up to his pride, the other will hardly give up his own.

If you are at peace with yourself, others will be as well: for sure, it’s mathematical.

by Your Francesco Saverio Boni

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The passage of time has both positive and negative consequences for the person, we grow, but then we age, for example, with advantages and disadvantages of each of the two phases of our life; among the advantages we can mention the experience, which makes us able to not making mistakes already made, or the knowledge acquired with which we can save our time; by saving we mean avoiding activities repetitive and therefore boring, to be replaced with more attractive ones. Looking back over the history of these last decades, it has been progress of information technology, now directed towards artificial intelligence, to automatically reduce the time necessary to carry out those activities previously carried out exclusively manually.

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