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The space of an idea : we trace ideas that unite us and improve us in pursuit of an ideal future. Creativity and imagination today as in the past are valuable qualities to achieve these goals together. Go to the friendships page and contact us to arrange a date together.



New friendships are followed up with the creation and management of groups on WhatsApp Circuit with convivial meetings at the local level in the Florentine area.


Photos and drawings can be sent to the site administrator with insertion on the prepared pages, with the possibility of adding custom captions.

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real thinking

We need to raise awareness of the challenges that evolution and changes of various kinds pose to us by modifying our habits and activities, to adopt a behavior that allows us to keep intact mutual respect and the defense of human rights of equality, justice, sociability, cultural and moral growth. In practice, using modern IT tools, we spread the culture of solidarity exchange and shared knowledge between men and women, without limitations, respecting the values that distinguish a civilized society. To do this we will use the keys of friendship by organizing meetings, trips, but also those of the computer and cell phone by keeping in touch every day of the year.


video showcase

Personal videos of Francis Xavier and his friends, video footage of natural phenomena and special settings in Florence, clips of broadcasts funny taken from the world from the web, self-produced mp3 music by the Webxboys band. All this and more on Digilander.it and the other domains linked to it, for a time of entertainment and healthy fun. The project is to create a chain of Web sites each dealing differently with the topics of friendship, expressive art in its various forms, and discussion on the topics of greatest interest from time to time for the digital generation.

story and characters


MedioEva - the princess


Francis I° - the sovereign


Xavier - narrative voice

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