The anger of this desert , Like a concert in open air , Signals the end of an era , And beginning of another , like a reality that turns , On itself , suppressed , Not tamed , never shaken , Doesn’t ever change , and you know , That you go we don’t yet know , A strange but true mystery , A candle that you blow out sooner or later , But we will blow it out much later . Never before , the top , Can always be there , Arrive at the destination , Like a wheel , Sooner or later is empty , His anger , In the race and never lost , We turn , you want , Guide it , we will know , we have to , In the obligation of life , we will remain . But always at our best , Without ever losing , Without giving up , Without rewarding , It’s very strength to the enemy , Hidden in the shadow of our misfortune . We will live , we will know . Understand who/what is behind the evil . The truth sooner or later will come afloat , And we will understand what to do , Where to go , How to live .

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In anger drown all of my thoughts , They would be sincere , Yes , but with the hard work you do , you know , That you will take the path if you want , Otherwise nothing , However don’t ever be , The loser , Because victory over evil , Is the only way , Determined wake , To be well , you should , Knowing it is already just . Everything goes without saying , But if you have a mind that goes beyond , You move more securely between hearts , Towards a direction of hope , Against the empty abyss , Of values and conscious , That guide our hearts , Towards the lights that shine and fast , Ignite our souls , Lifeless , Still on the ground , without senses , Bad luck is not of us , Because if you have the desire to react , In the action against the adversity you’ll wake up , Infinite sensations of pure fear , That last , ‘take care’ Of us , Born again like flowers , In the Spring of our hopes , Between our dreams , Wandering in the ‘City of Happiness’ , That does not want to be destroyed , If we will want it . At least this will be Our force , our fortress .


On a carpet of feelings , Walks evil , That drowns our hopes , In a sea of why .., life opens on the horizon , Beyond the sky , Go the dreams chained to the needs , Of roads more true and just . Human heat turned on again , Our passions , Flying beyond any mystery , And discover a river of hidden feelings . Evil burns in a fire Of revolution . I feed myself with perseverance and commitment , And when it will go out , Another challenge will be transformed , in scintillating victory : liberation from a dark and terrifying destiny , The hope that all will come back pure . The end of evil.


Like a force of nature , I’m not afraid , Of error , That meeting and collision , Shot-down rejection , altogether . I don’t care what evil is worth , The sin – who breaks , My run is onset , I know , And the run must be rerun . Never with the heart in the grip , Must never end , Like a train – never tame . A cathedral of dreams between thoughts , Dies the yesterday on the rebirth of tomorrow . Hands High , never removed , in the sign of victory . In history , no one should ever die in vain , And I look ahead , Never happy , I continue – meanwhile , Love – time – heart . Everything passes – that nothing may , Ever violate the justice that rules on this earth , in this era.

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